Prostitution & Solicitation Charges

Many find it quite surprising that it is not, in fact, a crime to pay money for sexual services in Canada. However, there are many restrictions around how such an exchange can occur. These ppints of the prostitution and solicitation laws outline that:

  • Such an exchange of money for sexual services must occur in only a private.
  • This private venue must not be a habitual setting used for prostitution.
  • Both parties must be consenting individuals.
  • Both parties must be over the age of 18.
  • A third party can not profit from the exchange of prostitution and solicitation – also known as ‘pimping’.

If you have been charged with prostitution and solicitation in Saskatchewan, and you feel that your case relates to the points mentioned above, you need to immediately speak with a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Regina who can represent your best interests. Such charges are very serious and come with significant sentences that will have an impact on your family, community, and professional relationships. However, the laws surrounding prostitution and solicitation are loosely defined within our courts, with much room for arguement. For this very reason, you need a legal counsel that can petition the court in your defense to have your charges either reduced or even dismissed.

What Is The Definition Of Prostitution In Canada?

Article 213 contains The Soliciting Law in the Canadian Criminal Code. The law can be interpreted very loosely: ‘To communicate with another person, in a public place, with the objective of practicing prostitution.’

In order to have a successful conviction, the Crown must prove that beyond reasonable doubt that a sex worker has solicited the defendent for the purposes of exchanging sex for money. With minimal hard evidence, this key area of the prosecution’s case allows for a great opportunity to dispute such a charge. Don’t let the misinterpretation of the law, or the details within your case, hurt your future and freedom. Trust our prostitution and solicitation lawyers in Regina examine your case, and leverage the best options in your interest.

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Our Lawyers Will Fight Your Prostitution & Solicitation Charges

Along with major fines, imprisonment, and madatory treatment programs, a conviction for prostitution and solicitation in Saskatchewan will have a horrible impact on your family life, on-going child custody matters, community relations, and your career. Such a conviction can also result in the loss of your vehicle, your registration on a national sex-crime registry, and in-ability to visit some international desitinations. Act now to protect your freedom and reputation, and let our experienced criminal lawyers represent your case.

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