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Used as an alternative to time served in prison, probation used by the courts as a means for the convicted to pay restitution, provide community service, as well as attending counselling sessions for rehabilitation from drug abuse, alcoholism, or violent behaviour. However, while receiving probation as an alternative sentence, it can be very difficult for some to meet their probation obligations. Probabtion violations can be devestating for you and your family. In these instances, where your probation officer has charged you with violating your probation, you need to speak with a criminal lawyer in Regina who understands your circumstances and can help you defend your probation status.

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Regina Criminal Lawyer’s team of criminal lawyers in Regina understand the stressful social and financial circumstances that often surround an individual’s probation violation. Unfortunately, some probation officers are less foregiving, even for first time probation violators. In these matters, where you have been charged with violating your probation, you need to contact our criminal defense lawyers who will explain your options and provide you with representation, if neccessary.

We Handle All Categories Of Probation Violations

When an individual violates their probation, we understand that it doesn’t mean you are off the path to rehabilitation. As mentioned, there are social, financial, and emotional stresses that can contribute to making a simple but costly mistake. Regardless of whether you have a juvenile probation violation, impaired driving probation violation, or felony probation violation; our criminal defense lawyers will represent your best intersts and work to maintain your probation status. If you do find yourself in a situation where you must turn yourself into the local authorities, have the comfort in knowing that our seasoned criminal legal team will be there with you to represent your case.

Probation Lawyers With The Experience You Can Trust

If you, or someone you love, is facing a probation violation and you have questions about the next steps in securing their freedoms outside of the prison system, contact our criminal lawyers today. Our lawyers have the experience you will need in presenting your case, and we will fight to ensure you maintain your probation status. Call today.

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