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When ever you have fled the scene of an automobile accident that you have caused, sober or intoxicated, you have immediately committed a crime within the Criminal Code of Canada. Regardless of whether a third party was bodily injured or simply sustained property damage, all drivers in Saskatchewan are obliged to confirm the safety of the other driver, provide contact information when requested, and report to authorities any accidents that include bodily harm or property damage.

Fleeing A Car Accident In Saskatchewan

By fleeing the scene of a serious vehicle accident, in addition to be charged with hit and run, will also sustain fines, a suspended license, and the potential for jail time. All Saskatchewan drivers, in the event of a car accident, are obiliged to:

  • Exchanging contact and insurance information with the other driver
  • Speak to police (if applicable)
  • If the vehicle was unattended or parked, you have to leave your insurance and contact info

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What Are The Penalties For Hit And Run In Saskatchewan?

The penalties for committing a hit and run in Saskatchewan depend heavily on the resulting property damage and injuries of any third parties. In the matter of simply property damage, you are likely facing a license suspension that can be reduced, depending on your previous driving and criminal record. In the circumstances where an individual has been killed, this can carry a mandatory 3-year prison sentence, as well as fines and your license being revoked. Penalties for hit and run charges in Saskatachewan are further complicated if the accused was also charged within drinking and driving – and whether this offense is a repeated action.

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When you are involved in an accident, there are a lot of emotions and confusion. Fear and panick can lead to making the wrong decision, and we understand this. Let our experience in defending such cases work in your benefit. These are serious charges and they do carry heavy consequences if you have a conviction. Don’t hesitate in retaining legal representation and let us start to build your defense today.

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