Domestic Assault Charges

The province of Saskatchewan does not have a specific criminal code for the offense of domestic assault, as the majority of domestic assaults are referred to as spousal assaults. With the exception of extremely violent offenses, domestic assault charges are often categorized as ‘simple assaults’ or assault causing bodily harm. Typically, these incidents of battery are related to spousal disagreements between partners. It is not surprsing that in the statements and recollections that surround such events often conflict between the alleged victim and the individual charged. In the case of being charged with domestic assault, you should certainly retain the counsel of a criminal lawyer in Regina. Our lawyers have a long experience of handling domestic assault cases, and working with the Crown in having such domestic assault charges dropped in exchange for an agreed restraining order, more specifically known as a 810 Peace Bond or “recognizance”. In the matter of domestic assault cases, the acused will also likely face the victim issuing an Emergency Protection Order, or an EPO, and you will require the guidance of a criminal lawyer to have this order lifted.

Avoid A Criminal Record Caused By Domestic Assault Charges?

Regina Criminal Lawyer and his team of criminal lawyers understand the issues that surround a domestic assault charge, and the preparation needed in defending your case within court. It is paramount that you choose a criminal defence lawyer in Regina who can represent your defense and successfully argue for a dropped charge – as a criminal record will have a severe and negative impact on your future, well past your time of serving a sentence. If found guilty, a domestic assault charge can result in a prison sentence as well as fines and madatory treatment programs. Call Regina Criminal Lawyer and let him and his team prepare your defense for trial.

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A domestic assault charge will not only leave you with a criminal record, but will effect your family relationships, any legal child custody status you currently hold, your ability to volunteer within your community, your career, as well as your right to travel to some foreign countries (ie. United States). Don’t let a single mistake derail your entire future. Call Regina Criminal Lawyer’s team of criminal lawyers in Regina and let us help your case today.

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