Assault And Battery Charges

Regina Criminal Lawyer and his team of criminal defense lawyers in Regina understand the complex circumstances that often surround assault and battery cases. Defense for such cases can be complicated, as the charges can involve conflicting reports of events leading up to the alleged assault. Our criminal law team has a depth of successful experience defending the following cases for our clients:

  • Aggravated Assault charges
  • Domestic Assault Battery
  • Weapons Offenses
  • Murder charges
  • Obstructing Peace-Officers
  • Physical Assault
  • Public mischief charges
  • Felony Assault Charges

Mistakes And Altercations Can Get Out Of Hand

Looking within the laws that prosecute assault and battery charges, our criminal lawyers will explore your case to leverage the arguement for self-defense toward a range of assault charges. Our years of experience in defending aggravated assault cases we understand that events within stressful work environments, the harrassment and threats within public crowds, and other high-stress scenarios can result in hostility and acts of violence can occur, unfortunately. Please contact us if any of these factors apply to your case:

  • Door man/Bouncer Duties
  • Weapons in a bar
  • Metal Detector Scanning
  • Being provoked in a bar
  • Alcohol Service Responsibilities
  • Dress codes

In the matter of assault with a weapon, criminal assault, aggravated assault and battery, our criminal lawyers in Regina may be able to not only reduce your sentence, we may be able to have your charges dropped entirely.

Contact Our Aggravated Assault Lawyers In Regina, Saskatchwan

Don’t face your aggravated assault charges alone. Foregoing the opportunity to retain legal counsel from an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Regina could have detrimental effects on your future. Your best chances of avoiding a sentence for aggravated assault and battery charges, and a criminal record in Canada, is to quickly retain the services of our criminal law team. We will respectfully examine your case, explain your reasonable options, and begin building your defence. Call us today.