Vehicle Seizures In Saskachewan

In the province of Saskatchewan, if you register a BAC above .04 you will be subject to a vehicle seizure and suspension of your license. These penalties are dependent in their severity depending on your BAC reading, and the number of impaired driving offenses you have been convicted of within Saskatchewan.

For drivers convicted of operating a motor vehicle with a BAC higher than 0.08, the following penalties can be expected:

  • First offense: one year license suspension
  • Second offense: three year license suspension
  • Third offense or greater: five year license suspension

For drivers convicted of operating a motor vehicle with a BAC between .04 – .08, the following penalties can be expected:

  • First offense: 24-hour license suspension
  • Second offense: 24-hour license suspension and a mandatory Driving Without Impairment class
  • Third offense or greater: 90-day license suspension and mandatory addiction screening

What Are The Costs For Having Your Vehicle Seized In Saskatchewan?

Drunk driving fines in Saskatchewan start at $1,500, but have no maximum and are set by the presiding judge. The minimum fine does include your $500 penalty under Saskatchewan’s Safe Driver Program. Drivers charged with drunk driving may also lose the benefits of insurance. In the case of an accident involving a drunk driver, the driver must pay for all damages in full with a minium fine of $600 (which holds no maximum). Obviously, following a drunk driving charge a driver can expect their premiums to go up if they are insured again.

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What Are My Options For Getting Back A Seized Vehicle?

If you live and work in Saskatchewan than you understand the great importance of having a vehicle for your daily life, as well as your career. It is a basic life line to functioning in our province. We understand the emotional and financial stress that a impaired driving charge can have on you and your family. Don’t hesitate in facing these serious charges. Contact our criminal defense lawyers in Regina and let us fight to have your charges reduced, or even dropped.

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