Out-Of-Province DUI

If you work in Saskatchewan, but you hold a permanent residence and drivers registry / license from another province, we can help you with fighting your drunk driving charges, and retaining your drivers license. If you are arrested for impaired driving in Saskatchewan, these charges will carry over to your home province and the rest of Canada. The Province that issues your license retains the right to revoke or suspend your license, therefore, driving privileges can be suspended not only in Saskatchewan but nation wide.

Work With Our Local Criminal Lawyers In Regina

Even if you have a family or criminal lawyer you are familiar with in your home province, that lawyer may not be as familiar with Saskatchewan’s criminal court process, the Crown prosecution, and judges. It is very important that you work with a local criminal defence lawyer in Regina who knows the local courts and the individuals who work within them.

Our seasoned drunk driving lawyers in Regina will work with your case, examining the circumstances in which you were arrested, and we will work to undermine the evidence presented in the Crown’s prosecution. It is our goal to have your impaired driving charges either reduced, or dropped entirely.

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The Risks Of An Out-Of-Province Drunk Driving Charge Are Too High

Regardless of the province where you receive a drunk driving charge, the outcome can be dire for you and your family. Facing a drunk driving charge outside of your home province will not only result in significant fines and a suspended license, but will also mean you could face serious prison time outside of your home province – away from your family. Don’t waste time in weighing your options. Call our drunk driving lawyers in Regina today and let our criminal defense work for you now.

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