First Offense For Drunk Driving

The penalties for drunk driving in Saskatchewan vary depending on your blood alcohol content level (BAC). These penalties also take into account whether this is your first offense for impaired driving in Saskatchewan. When a driver is stopped and pulled over by a police officer there is a protocol that the officer will follow in determining whether there is suspicion for alcohol or drug use by the driver. If there is reasonable suspicion, the driver can be subjected to a road side breathalyzer test that will allow the police officer to determine the driver’s BAC. When a driver refuses a breathalyzer test, it is considered an immediate ‘blow over’ of .08 BAC and the driver will be subject to arrest.

If convicted of your first drunk driving offense in Saskatchewan (BAC higher than 0.08), you will face an immediate one year license suspension.

First Offense For BAC Between .04 And .08 In Saskatchewan

While blowing a blood alcohol level over .08 is a criminal charge in Saskatchewan, drivers who register a BAC between .04 and .08 are also subject to penalties that involve fines and suspensions. For first time offenders, there is an immediate license suspension of 24-hours. This suspension may also involve the costs of towing and recovering your vehicle following your suspension.

Can I Just Refusing To Take The Breathalyzer In Saskatchewan?

When a police officer pulls over a driver, under the Criminal Code of Canada, the officer has the right to request that the driver submit a breathalyzer sample. If the driver chooses to refuse this request the officer can immediately charge the driver with impaired driving over .08 BAC.

There have been reported instances where drivers have been unable to submit enough of a breath sample, unable to breath hard enough. In these instances, drivers also face a charge for refusing a breath sample. In situations where your vehicle has been pulled over by authorities, and you have been charged with drunk driving, contact our criminal defense lawyers in Regina immediately and let us help your case.

How Does The Interlock Program Work In Saskatchewan?

If you have been convicted of impaired driving with a BAC over .08, or a refusal to blow, you may benefit from the Interlock program. Enrolling in this program provides the convicted individuals an opportunity to regain their license by having a breathalyzer device placed within the ignition of their vehicle. Program participants are expected to blow into the device before starting their vehicle, as well as submitting breath samples to the Interlock device while driving (every 15-30 mins). The participant will be also required to have the device checked and maintained by a technician every 30-60 days.

Drivers facing their first drunk driving offense, participating in Saskatchewan’s Interlock Program, will be expected to have the Interlock device installed in their vehicle for 1 year.

In addition to increased insurance premiums, convicted drunk drivers must also pay fines that start at $1,500. These fines include a $500 penalty under the Safe Driver Recognition program. it should be noted that fines issued to impaired drivers by the court have no maximum and are set by the judge’s discretion.

Saskatchewan’s Interlock Program is not free and involves the following costs:

  • Initial $150 installation and training fee
  • $30 administration fee
  • Daily $3.45 monitoring fee
  • $50 removal fee once the program has ended
  • $210 fee if the device must be removed early due to violation

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Impaired driving charges in Saskatchewan are serious and involve a criminal record. Don’t let a single mistake effect your family relationships and your career. We understand how important it is to have a valid drivers license in Saskatchewan and our criminal defense lawyers in Regina will fight to regain your drivers license so you can get your life back in order. Don’t hesitate, and call us today.

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