DUI On A Motorcycle

Regardless of your vehicle and province, the impaired driving rules are in place to protect drivers, pedestrians, and property. Just because one is operating a smaller vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, such as a motorcycle or ATV, the law takes these offenses very seriously. In the matter of motorcycles, the courts may be even more aggressive in prosecuting their charges, a motorcycle is seen as a less stable and safe vehicle. In any case where the safety of the general public has been put at heightened risk, such drunk driving cases are taken very seriously.

What Are The Penalties For Drunk Driving On A Motorcycle In Saskatchewan?

The legal limit for criminal charges of impaired driving in Saskatchewan is .08 BAC. However, there are lower penalties for drivers who blow over .04 BAC.

For drivers convicted of operating a motor vehicle with a BAC higher than 0.08, the following penalties can be expected:

  • First offense: one year license suspension
  • Second offense: three year license suspension
  • Third offense or greater: five year license suspension

For drivers convicted of operating a motor vehicle with a BAC between .04 – .08, the following penalties can be expected:

  • First offense: 24-hour license suspension
  • Second offense: 24-hour license suspension and a mandatory Driving Without Impairment class
  • Third offense or greater: 90-day license suspension and mandatory addiction screening

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