Drunk Driving Causing Death

Any time an individual is charged with a drunk driving offense, it is a serious matter, as a criminal record may be involved for the accused. While a first offense for impaired driving has serious consequences, your situation is increasingly worse when your drunk driving charges involve the bodily harm or death of a third party. A drunk driving charge resulting in a death will bring an automatic 5-year prison sentence, if you are convicted. When facing such charges, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Regina who understands impaired driving cases and can bring the resources needed to examine and undermine the prosecution’s evidence.

When assessing such DUI cases, Regina Criminal Lawyer’s criminal defense team will question:

  • The methods used to obtain your breath sample
  • All witness and policy testimony
  • The protocol of your case’s investigation
  • Evidence surrounding the accident and the victim

Our criminal defense team will employ the expert testimony of leading field experts that will support your defense, while disputing the claims made by the Crown. Don’t hesitate in taking the next step and call our criminal law office in Regina so we can work to have your charges either reduced, or even dismissed.

Even Breathalyzers Can Make Mistakes

When dealing with evidence that includes breath samples collected from a Breathalyzer or Intoxylizer 5000C, there is room for error – even when an experienced technician has administered the BAC sample. It is our job, as your criminal defense lawyers, to examine the conditions and events surrounding the collection of your breath sample. If there are inconsistencies with the protocol required for collecting a driver’s breath sample, this can be just cause for having such evidence removed from your case. Achieving such breaks in the defence of your case only come from the veteran experience of our criminal defense lawyers in Regina.

Penalties For Drunk Driving Resulting In Death

Aside from facing a mandatory 5-year prison sentence, if convicted of drunk driving resulting in death, there are a number of other expenses and costs to the quality of your daily life. These include:

  • A permanent criminal record
  • Long-term loss of your drivers license
  • Mandatory alcohol treatment programs
  • Car insurance premium increases
  • Inhibited ability to work or care for children
  • Termination of employment and career issues
  • Possible immigration status issues
  • Effected custody status for children

Regina Criminal Lawyers

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Don’t waste time debating your next steps in protecting your future. Charges of drunk driving resulting in death are very serious and involve significant prison time to be served. It is important that you retain legal counsel immediately so that our criminal lawyers can start working toward building your defence, improving your chances of having your charges reduced or even dropped. Trust our experience in these matters and call today.

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