Breathalyzers Used In Saskatchewan

It’s common knowledge, holding a drivers license in Canada, that drivers can be subject to breath alcohol testing by local police authorities. While commonly known as ‘breathalyzers’, we are all familiar with their purpose, but most of us don’t understand how they work. In our province of Saskatchewan the most commonly used machines for road side BAC testing are the Intoxilyzer, Alco-Sensor, Alco-Sur, and Breathalyzer.

Breathalyzer testing is typically administered in circumstances where an officer has pulled over a vehicle for erratic driving behaviour such as missing a signal or street sign, swerving, or inconsistent speeds. After speaking with a driver, the investigating officer has the right to request a road side BAC test. In Saskatchewan, drivers who register a blood alcohol rating over .04 are subject to a license suspension that can range from a 24-hour suspension to criminal charges.

How Does The Intoxilyzer Work?

The Intoxilyzer, often used by law enforcement, passes UV light through a chamber where a breath sample is submitted. Before every use, the machine is cleared with a base line calibration of 0.0 before a subject submits their sample. Upon breathing into the Intoxilyzer, the UV light level will be reduced by the presence of alcohol molecules within the breath sample. This differentiation is what produces a BAC reading for law enforcement officers.
Watch the following clip that explains how the Intoxilyzer works.

Are You Facing Charges Of Drunk Driving In Saskatchewan?

Drunk driving charges in Saskatchewan are serious and are not to be regarded as a fine or minor traffic offense. They carry serious consequences that involve the suspension of your license, the seizure of your vehicle, numerous fines and mandatory impaired driving courses. These charges, if found convicted, will have a massive impact on the quality of your family life, community relationships, your ability to work, and even travelling abroad (ie. United States). If you have been charged with drunk driving, contact our criminal lawyers here in Regina and let us look at your circumstances and help you with your options for possibly having your charges reduced, or even dropped.