DUI Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with impaired driving in Saskatchewan? Have you been charged wit. drunk driving that has involved an accident? These are serious charges that will have a major impact on your future and you need a legal defense with the seasoned experience in handling such cases. Regina Criminal Lawyer and his legal team bring a wealth of resources to clients defending a DUI / drunk driving charge in Saskatchewan. We can help in getting your license back sooner, or even having your charges either reduced or even dropped.

It’s Important To Defend Your Reputation From A DUI

A drunk driving charge in Saskatchewan will not only have an effect on your family life, relationship with the community, and career. There are several other areas of your life that can be effected by having your vehicle and / or license suspended. Drunk driving convictions in Saskatchewan can result in:

  • Dui car insurance demerits
  • Employment/Career deficits
  • Fines related to the charge
  • Dui classes or other treatment programs
  • Problems with your immigration status in Canada or abroad
  • Loss of child custody
  • A permanent criminal record in Canada

Regina Criminal Lawyers

Drunk Driving Laws In Canada Can Be Confusing

A drunk driving arrest, or accident relating to drunk driving, can have a long term effect on your family and career. However, there are many complex issues that surround a DUI charge in Saskatchewan and these aspects of the Crown’s case must be professionally scrutinized and examined on your behalf. Errors in police reporting, or errors in conducting the road side breathalyzer, can be argued in your defense. Our criminal defense team has a successful record in defending our clients and undermining the Crown’s prosecution, as we are committed to leveraging every point to defend your case.

Don’t Let One Mistake Derail Your Future

Don’t let a drunk driving charge in Saskatchewan derail the future of you and your family. DUI charges can happen to the best of us, as mistakes can be made. If you are facing a DUI charge call our criminal lawyers in Regina today and let us discuss your options for defending your case, and getting your license back.