Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking charges are typically placed against an individual following the charges of drug possession. Drug trafficking charges often stem from the assessment of quantity associated with the initial drug possession charges. In Saskatchewan the Crown takes the prosecution of drug trafficking very seriously and will likely press for a full conviction. It is important to understand that drug trafficking charges will leave a convicted person with a criminal record, possible time in prison, and a severe impact on family and professional relationships. Any type of drug charge is complex in nature, as it often involves the search of an individual’s property and the use of warrants. For these reasons, it is important to hire the counsel of our seasoned criminal drug lawyers in Regina who can assess your case’s evidence, and the manner in which it was collected, to help you build a solid defense.

We Can Help You With Your Drug Trafficking Charge

Regina Criminal Lawyer and his legal team understand the nature of drug trafficking charges, and how they are prosecuted. We have defended a varied array of drug charges involving marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, illegal prescription drugs, pain killers, and heroin. In examining the evidence slated against our clients, we have been able to successfully undermine the Crown’s evidence that have resulted in reduced charges and sentences, or having such charges completely dropped. If you feel as though the evidence placed against your case has been unlawfully collected, or your rights have been violated, you need to contact our criminal lawyers in Regina immediately. Are you uncertain about any of the following points?

  • Were you served an official search warrant?
  • Were the terms of the search warrant followed accurately by police authorities?
  • Was probable cause established in issuing the warrant?
  • Were wire taps involved? Was there reasonable grounds for a wire tap?
  • Could there be any doubts about the quality of evidence being used against you?

Criminal Justice Lawyers Who Will Fight Your Drug Possession Charges

A drug trafficking and/or drug possession charge in Saskatchewan can be devastating to your family, your shared custody status of children, your professional life, and status within your community. The immediate consequences can be lengthy imprisonment, costly fines, and mandatory treatment programs. Fighting these charges and protecting your rights, freedoms, and future are paramount to our criminal law firm. Trust your case with our criminal lawyers in Regina and let us start building your case today by contacting our criminal law firm today.

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