Drug Possession Charges

Under Saskatchewan law, any drug related charges and convictions bring serious consequences. In these matters, you need the professional counsel of a seasoned drug possession defense lawyer, such as Regina Criminal Lawyer’s legal team. Drug charges are complicated in their nature, as they often involve evidence that has been collected under strict protocols. If these protocols within your arrest and investigation have been compromised by the local police authorities, or have been initiated without reasonable cause, our legal team will focus on these factors in building your defense.

Let Our Criminal Defense Lawyers In Regina Build Your Defense

With history of successfully defending clients who have faced serious drug charges, our criminal defense lawyers will leverage all points of doubt within the prosecution’s case, undermining their evidence in areas where police protocol or the law have not been followed. We bring experience in building strong cases for drug possession of a wide array of illegal drugs including:

  • marijuana
  • cocaine
  • ecstasy
  • pain killers
  • illegal prescriptions
  • heroin

Questionable Investigation Procedures And Evidence Lead To Dismissals

In the events surrounding your arrest, if you feel that there are questionable steps or actions taken by the police authorities in their investigation or your arrest, contact our criminal law office in Regina immediately. These details are crucial to your defense, and the sooner they are addressed the better your chances will be in having your charges reduced or thrown out. If are uncertain about any of the following points, contact us immediately:

  • Were you served an official search warrant?
  • Were the terms of the search warrant followed accurately by police authorities?
  • Was probable cause established in issuing the warrant?
  • Were wire taps involved? Was there reasonable grounds for a wire tap?
  • Could there be any doubts about the quality of evidence being used against you?

Regina Criminal Lawyers

Trust Our Legal Team To Defend Your Drug Charges

Don’t risk your freedom, relationships, career, and future. Drug charges bring heavy sentences in Saskatchewan but they can be argued, reduced, and even dropped due to improper investigation procedures and questionable evidence. Don’t hesitate in initiating your defense and call Regina Criminal Lawyer’s team today and let us build your case.

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